November 29, 2013 White Out

My 7-train route usually led me into the city, but occasionally when I took it further out in Queens, I always enjoyed the view down into 5 Pointz and the building-blocked murals that have become, over the years, a graffiti-collaged time capsule. Unfortunately last week, that time capsule has been unearthed and sanitized. On November 19th, ironically taking a page out of Graffiti 101, the developer used the cover of night to whitewash over the 200,000 square-foot factory building-turned-canvas in preparation for demolition. Another New York landmark destroyed to make way for cookie-cutter condos. Here’s a few recent shots with a deep regret that I didn’t take more. Especially since I’ve acquired a new 4×5 set up last week and was planning on 5-Pointz being the first project to photograph with it.
RIP B.I.G. (again)

5_pointz1 5_pointz2 5_pointz5 5_pointz6