October 13, 2014 Comic Con 2014, NYC


After a not-so-well thought out plan to shoot superheroes in the public urinals proved more complex than anticipated, I decided to change my concept. So, after wandering the corridors I decided to focus my attention on the people who sported not the easy, effortless store-bought costumes (although a few managed to sneak through my lens for varying reasons) but mostly on the unironic, DIY heroes and characters; broken, spray painted pieces of foam and cut-up cardboard shaped into rhino armor and Batman emblems; shoddily grease-painted faces and hand-stiched costumes; (and a few zombies of course). Those sincere attempts to emulate an identity not their own and succeeding so much more in my opinion. So, whether it was an acne-scarred face only half-hidden by a mask or a lanky Superman with a paunch, I waited in the intersections of the crammed aisles, scanned faces like the Terminator and pulled the ones aside whose inner badassness shone brighter than the rest.

Comic Con 1 DGB_8684 DGB_8564 DGB_8696 Comic Con 2 DGB_8722 DGB_8553